Le mousso

Apparently dashi is the new “It” ingredient in Montreal as it has been making appearances on quite a few menus, it was served with the scallop at  Maison Boulud and accompanied the sea urchin at Lilico.  The menu at Mousso made no exception. Mousso offers one mandatory 7 courses menu in a dark and modern environment with communal tables, bar seatings and an open kitchen downstairs. The menu we had that week included, scallops, arctic char, coquelet, lamb and chive ice cream amongst other.
To start off we must say that all of these dishes were excellent, the chef at Mousso clearly has an expertise when it come to flavor pairing.The presentation of each of the dishes was modern and very colorful. Each plate looked like a beautiful painting that was presented to us and we ate it up with our eyes first before tasting it.
Our meal was kicked off with 3 mises en bouche including one of foie gras covered with cotton candy. This was definitely very gourmand but blended amazingly as it melted in the mouth. Then followed the perfectly seared scallop with dashi and radish with some kind of a crunchy crumble on top. Tasty, light and fresh as it was still super moist!
The arctic char was served with various quenelles (pardon our english) and was like a beautiful painting with a very researched presentation. The char was smoked but it was so lightly done that it felt more like a marinated char than a smoked one. The coquelet was served with paper thin sliced mushrooms in a creamy sauce and tasted like a hearty bouchee.
The lamb was the smoothest, tastiest lamb we had ever tried, it was presented to us as a lamb filet mignon and this dish will seduce all of the lamb haters out there.
To finish, two deserts, with one that was particularly amazing to us, the blood sausage cake with chive ice cream and a light coulis. This may sound like the weirdest combination and tasted separately the items were as their name said…but one you take a full combined bite, this is when magic happens and you truly taste this delightful concoction. Bravo!
Overall the dinner was excellent, the tastes were right on point. The portions are a bit small though, more like a medium style bouchee rather than full course portion, so don’t be overwhelmed by the 7 courses.
The services was efficient, professional yet friendly! We will definitely return again, wanting to know what other creative dishes le mousso can generate!
Rating from 1 to 10:
Service: 8
Venue: 7.5
Food presentation: 9
Food taste: 9
Dessert: 8
Wine selection / advice: 8
Cost: 9 ($55 per person before wine, tax and tip)
Address: 1023 Rue Ontario E, Montréal, QC H2L 1P8

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