Poissonnerie Rayan

We tried this “pick your own and have it cooked” seafood spot on a sunny Wednesday, early evening. As we arrived around 6pm lots of people were hurrying into the restaurant and heading to the fish selection counter. Poissonnerie Rayan is a poissonnerie where you can simply buy fish and also choose to have it grilled and serve to you at one of the many simple tables in the restaurant. We, ourselves, headed to the fish counter and being quite hungry ordered a generous quantity of various seafood.

Photo 2016-04-20, 6 07 36 PM

We ordered some octopus, a whole European seabass, some calamari, some shrimps and a plate of vegetables. All of the items would be grilled except the calamari that would be breaded and fried, Mediterranean style. We headed back to our table and waited for our food to arrive. The dishes were brought as they were ready, first came the calamari that were straight from the kitchen; almost too hot to eat. They were fresh and tender but could have used a bit more seasoning and lime. We then received a huge plate of grilled octopus with an herbal sauce. This, again, was perfectly tender and tasted amazing.

The seasoning was right on point. Next we had the shrimps and the whole fish; by the time we received those we were already getting full as the portion were so generous! The shrimps and the fish were very tasty and perfectly cooked; juicy and tender.

The plate of grilled vegetables came last with a garlic sauce and a combination of crunchy mushroom, peppers, courgettes and onions.

Photo 2016-04-20, 6 28 42 PM

It was a delicious dinner and we highly recommend Poissonnerie Rayan for any type of fresh seafood craving one may have. It provides for deliciously fresh and affordable seafood. The quantities were so generous that we managed to go home with a doggie back for several meals.

Minor elements of note is that the seasoning used can be quite uniform so you have got to be in the mood for it. As well the overall look and cleanness of the restaurant could be improved.

Service: 7
Venue: 6
Food presentation: 7
Food taste: 9
Dessert: N/A
Wine selection / advice: N/A
Cost: 9 $35 (per person before tip)
Overall: 8

Address: 6080 Côte-des-Neiges, Montreal , QC H3S 1Z7


Poissonnerie et Restaurant Rayan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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