Maison Boulud

We love Maison Boulud and the cuisine of Chef Riccardo Bertolino! We have been there for breakfast, lunch and dinner, tried the regular menus, the tasting menus, the amazing desserts and great wine selection.
It is one of our favorite restaurants in Montreal and we will for ever recall an amazing spring tasting menu that was one of our most perfect dining experience. The fact that chef Bertolino came to introduce himself at the end of our meal did not hurt!
On this occasion we arrived at Maison Boulud at 9:30pm; the restaurant was full and bustling. Given that we did not have reservations, after a short wait, we were seated in the newly minted bar section of the restaurant. This bar section provided for a slightly more upbeat vibe in comparison to the somewhat aged and uptight ambience of the dining room. It also provided for a great view of the team hard at work passionately working to create the wonderful dishes we were about to taste.
Being quite hungry, we ordered an assortment of food, including oysters and the homemade pita as a starter, the smoked salmon blinis and lobster gnocchetti to continue and the coconut and grenadine mousse to conclude. The food was excellent as usual and the coral emulsion accompanying the gnocchetti was particularly worth a mention.
maison boulud coconut and grenadine
However that Saturday night, for a late dinner, the service was quite sloppy. It felt as if we were in a “by Decarie boulevard” steakhouse with the staff ready to go home and not in a highly rated fine dinning restaurant. No bread was offered to us, our water glasses remained empty and our plates were not timely cleared. This particularly disappoint as we had previously received excellent service dining at Maison Boulud and that night was particularly sub-standard given the standing of this restaurant. I must also mention that although we are completely believe that great food can command great prices, we felt that paying almost $50 for 20 gnocchetti and 4 minuscule pieces of lobster was a bit over the top!
Nonetheless, we have since and will return again to Maison Boulud, the cuisine is excellent and it is a must try to all.
 Rating from 1 to 10:
Service: 6
Venue: 7.5
Food presentation: 8
Food taste: 8.5
Dessert: 9
Wine selection / advice: N/A
Cost: 7 $100 (per person before tax and tip 3 courses and without wine)
Overall: 8
Address: 1228 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H3G 1H6

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